Award: International Achievers Awards

Category:  Role Model & Charity

Nomination: Young Achiever Of The Year & Young Role Model Of The Year

I felt very inspired due to the fact that so many young people my age (or similar) where talking about their different life stories and some had even created a business out of it.

When I was in secondary school I found it slightly challenging because I would end up in fights and have numerous arguments literally every week. It was only once I had left secondary school did I find out I was in fact bullied.

Many people think that the term “bullying” is just defined by the physical actions, however, bullying can be emotional and also mental. For example, people calling me names because I was the tallest and skinniest among my friends. This is a reason as to why I applied for the Miss Teen Africa pageant. Initially, when I applied it was “just for fun” and I took it all as and experience. On the final showcase evening, I was crowned Miss Teen Africa Second Princess.

I do believe that no matter what our circumstances are we can achieve our dreams as long as we believe in ourselves and put God first. Throughout my time in secondary school, I found comfort in a gospel song written by Bishop Paul Morton titled “Help me to see me the way you see me”. I do believe that this was the reason why I was able to overcome this difficult stage in my life.

I aim to go to schools and encourage teenagers not to give up on themselves and to always seek help from other officials, for example, a trust worthy teacher, a parent, a sibling or even a friend. Because nobody knows what you are going through unless you tell them.


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