Reward Charitable Organisation

Reward Organisation is a London based Organisation, which was established to help the Caribbean communities. This organization is a beneficial programme which gives the people the following benefits, unemployment, education, financial and poverty and hunger. We target people who cannot afford to go to school, buy food to eat, have money for the necessary things and people are in poverty.
We have ambassadors across 50 Caribbean counties and islands, helping out each and every community as possible.
At reward, we try to focus on everyone and everything and not just a specific topic or people. These benefits will have criteria so that everyone can benefit from it. for example education, students from 5-16, and mature students from 19-25 are the people we are helping to go to school with benefits such as school fee benefit.
Thompson’s Foundation wants to create a society where children and young people are valued, respected and be happy. We are committed to helping the less fortunate so that everyone can have a fair shot in life, so that more people can have education and so that the Caribbean countries can work together.
We aim to seek and influence young people to have a better chance in life.
Our mission is to help the third world Caribbean countries with our beneficial programme so that each and every individual have a chance in the world
To help the people of the Caribbean to be educated and financially stable.
To help each and everyone have education and sustainability

The Foundation has been set up by International TV presenter and entrepreneur Chanise Thompson. Her objective and aims is to create a better place where third world citizens, have a better life in the societies. 


International achievers are dedicated to helping and serving the Caribbean communities. Each year we use the funds from our events to help fund vulnerable children and families living in these third world cities.